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The herb contains essential oil, tannins and flavones, fatty oils, ascorbic acid, bitterness, phytoncides.
Preparations of oregano have a calming effect on the central nervous system, increase the secretion of digestive and bronchial glands, tone up the smooth muscles of the uterus, increase lactation, increase appetite. The main active principles of the plant are essential oil and its most important component thymol, which has a local anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic effect.

Oregano has a tonic and stimulating effect on the smooth muscles of the uterus. Infusion of oregano helps to restore the disturbed menstrual cycle, helps with delays in menstruation, relieves menstrual pain. This plant is good for depression and mood disorders preceding or accompanying menstruation. The sedative effect of oregano is good to use to alleviate menopause, sometimes with the help of oregano it is possible to slow down early menopause and prolong the activity of the ovaries. And in nursing mothers, it increases lactation.
Oregano herb has a calming effect on sleep and nervous system disorders. Oregano herb is part of breast and diaphoretic tea and in the collection for gargling in the treatment of tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis, gingivitis.

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