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Coriander fruits contain essential oils that contain linalool, geraniol, as well as borneol, terpinolene, phellandrene, pinene, cymol, decyl aldehyde, decylic acid. Fruits also contain fatty oil, which includes glycerides of fatty acids and unsaponifiable substances, small amounts of alkaloids, vitamins A and C.
It has wound healing, anti-hemorrhoids, choleretic, analgesic, antiseptic and enhances the activity of the digestive glands.

Used internally to improve digestion, as a carminative. Use it fresh and dry. It knits and causes numbness, and the juice squeezed out of it with milk soothes severe throbbing pain. A special property of coriander is that it does not allow gastric and bile vapors to rise to the head, so it is put in food for patients with epilepsy.

An infusion or tincture of fruits on vodka is given as a sedative for increased nervous excitability and hysteria.
Essential oil is the initial product from which substances with the smell of roses, violets, lilies, and lemons are obtained.

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